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More than 20 years of experience recruiting and selecting flexible staff

don healtcare – support is part of don uitzendgroep in Cuijk (NL). We are a renowned temporary employment and secondment agency that specializes in extensive recruitment and selection for flexible jobs in healthcare.

The team of don healthcare - support

Christa van den Bogaard

Christa van den Bogaard

General manager

Founder of don uitzendgroep of which don healthcare - support is a part.

Christa van den Bogaard

Christa van den Bogaard is the general manager and founder of don uitzendgroep where don healthcare – support is now part of. With more than 20 years of experience recruiting and selecting international workers for both the Dutch and German temporary employment market – mainly within the technical branch – in 2020 the company spreads its activities to the healthcare sector. Christa flawlessly senses urgent needs within the market and responds immediately. Expanding with the don healthcare branch was, therefore, a logical step. “We are always searching personnel with specific expertise. If we cannot find that in The Netherlands, our recruiters start searching abroad. For us, the quality of the people stands above all.”

“Our company is constantly moving. We act according to the needs of the market. don healthcare-support is the perfect example of this.”
Angelique Rietveld

Angelique Rietveld

Commercial Director

Angelique has been living in Spain for twelve years. She knows the Spanish culture and customs like no other.

Angelique Rietveld

Angelique Rietveld is commercial manager at don healthcare-support. Angelique has been living in Spain for 12 years and knows the Spanish culture and lifestyle better than anyone else and has been actively involved in the founding of don Dutch language college. Because of her wide network, Angelique is responsible for the recruitment and selection of Spanish and other international healthcare personnel. “My goal is to help Spanish nurses make their dream – of working abroad – come true. Creating new business opportunities is part of my DNA and I am now using this knowledge to provide don healthcare a successful start.”

“In Spain you can find a huge potential in motivated and professional healthcare staff trying to get started in The Netherlands.”

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